I am a graduate engineer, experienced in developing 2D/3D games, medical simulations, and pipeline tools for modeling and visualization applications. I am experienced in managing teams of artists and programmers from concept to execution of technology projects. My experience includes working with various tech startups and mid-large size companies. I am hardworking, responsible and eager to develop quality products.

Research/Development Interest:
Computer Graphics, 2D/3D Game Development, Medical Simulations, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Virtual Environments, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, GPU programming, Technology management, Android, iOS

unity3d, OGREm Qt, CUDA, PCL, VTK, CGAL, OpenCV, Qt, Xcode, MonoDevelop, Microsoft Visual Studio, three.js, SVN, Vuforia, Familiarity with 3ds Max, Maya, Eclipse, Photoshop, Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux

C#, C/C++, API/SDKs integration, XML, MAXScript, Kinect/Realsense programming, Familiarity with Matlab, Java, Android Development, SQL/Database Management, Microcontroller, FPGA programming using VHDL

Please feel free to share queries, invites, and opportunities.

131 Clarence Lane, Singapore
Cell: +65 9126 0960
Tel: +1 (415) 513 0240
Email: syedharoonalam@gmail.com

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